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Who Am I in Pregnancy?

I might be pregnant. I might not. It's still too early to be certain. I am in that lovely gray area of waiting to find out. But either way, we are trying, and so I am facing the point of Motherhood and becoming a Mother. First step in Motherhood is Pregnancy. This state of potentially being pregnant has really brought the point forward/here for me to really look at who am I in and toward pregnancy and who do I truly want to be? I've noticed some fears, doubts and beliefs that have come up that I had within myself since a long time ago, that are like weird faint echoes now, that I am putting to rest and letting go through self forgiveness. Like that maybe I will never get the chance to have a child for some reason, that it's just not in the cards for me. Or that being a mother is just not who I am for some reason.. It's always for some unknown reason, the reason is not known cause there is no reason. It's just a thought, a projection. Or I felt like I didn't have

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